Having trouble with UL submissions? Let us help.

We, ABC Corp, are an agent for UL subscribers. If any of the following sounds familiar to you, please let us help you.

  • Needing to keep the UL cost low.
  • Needing to have UL recognitions on products but not knowing exactly how.
  • Being responsible of multiple roles and simply not having enough time for UL tasks.
  • With barely enough information and time, having been assigned as a UL respondent.
  • UL Recognitions from the past being inconsistent and parameters being unclear.
  • Having difficulty keeping UL compliance among mfgs.
  • Having hard time dealing with variation notices.
  • Having Subscribed to UL yourself, but not sure of doing it right.
  • Not confident of communication in English.

Our experiences over twenty years will make your UL submissions productive and cost effective.

Specialized Categories

ZPMV2 :: Wiring, Printed — Component
ZPMV8 :: Wiring, Printed — Component for Canada
QMJU2 :: Coatings for Use on Recognized Printed Wiring Boards – Component (solder masks)
QMTS2 :: Polymeric Materials – Filament-wound Tubing, Industrial Laminates, Vulcanized Fibers, and Materials for Use in Fabricating Recognized Printed Wiring Boards – Component

What is UL?

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a global certification company headquartered in US. UL is recognized worldwide and especially in US; UL mark has become de-facto standard among electronic consumer products. UL publishes safety standards in various industrial fields and offers safety tests and certification services in accordance with ANSI/UL standards. One of the unique services that UL offers is called Follow Up Service (FUS), with which, every three-months, a UL inspector visits manufacturers to check whether the subscribers “follow up” the UL-certified manufacturing procedures. The cost of UL on companies includes test fee, annual/maintenance fee, and the FUS fee, just to name basics. It’s usually required to have at least one designated UL handler and to provide education to its employees. Thus, in the exchange of opening the massive market in US, the UL submissions weigh a lot on companies.  UL has a branch office in Japan, UL Japan, among other Asian offices and labs, however the formal language in the certification documents is in English. Thus, even though employee at UL Japan speak Japanese, it’s very important that you have good understanding of written English.

DAP Program

Following UL standards, UL performs various safety-related tests, however they also outsource the testing to certified agents under Data Acceptance Program (DAP). If a customer choose to use DAP then he or she needs to specify the agency institute in the UL application in the beginning. The DAP agent submits all the test results to UL and UL still does the identification test and gives final qualification. Using DAP could be slightly more expensive than submitting all to UL, however DAP agencies tend to offer unique services that UL does not offer, such as expedited completion time, extensive consultant and more.  ABC Corp is not DAP agent.

Who we are is UL Agent

Who we are is agent for UL subscribers. We do UL subscription for you and you pay the agency fee to us. Depending on your needs, we could subscribe to UL US or UL Japan. We also recommend to use a well recognized DAP agency, Microtek Laboratories  with whom ABC Corp has agency contract with. You don’t have to rely on us and you or anybody can subscribe to UL, however understanding UL standards and going through the recognition procedures require a great amount of preparation; it’s almost intimidating especially to first time subscribers. ABC Corp has been UL agent over twenty years and we are sure that we can help obtain UL recognitions cost-effectively and less-stressful. If you have any UL related questions, please call us or write us an email.